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HLK's New Partner Alison Berry Is a Familiar Face

March 16, 2015

As you start to build your career at a company, many people tell you that you might end up running the joint someday if you work hard enough. But come on — the intern-to-partner path is just a myth, right?

Nope. HLK's Alison Berry has proven that.

Alison Berry

After working her way through HLK’s ranks in the 14 years since her first internship with the agency, Berry recently was promoted to partner. What initially began as a learning experience at HLK in 2001 soon blossomed into an outstanding professional career in account management, strategy and, now, leadership. But what has kept her here all these years? Berry says it’s HLK’s culture of authenticity and expertise.

“I love the work that we do,” Berry shares. “Also, the people and culture here. All of the people I work with are so passionate, so smart. They’re all experts in their own right, which will keep driving our success and growth.”

A full-service digital agency, HLK will lean on Berry’s prowess in the online realm as the agency continues to build authentic brand experiences for nationally known, forward-thinking clients.

“I’m driven by digital; that’s where my passion lives,” Berry explains. “When we work with clients that completely trust us to give the best recommendations and seeing that come to life, it’s one of the most fulfilling feelings.”

Berry knows that the digital landscape is constantly evolving, and she believes that content and data-driven marketing are what will propel the near future.

“It’s still a huge, growing market,” Berry says. “You’re letting your customers be your voice, and you have the ability to pinpoint them with a specific message. I think there is still so much more to be uncovered there.”

While Berry takes pride in her professional accomplishments, she does manage to steal some time for lighter activities. A lifelong St. Louisan, she hits up McGurk’s in Soulard for her fill of Irish music, eats her way through downtown Kirkwood’s notable restaurants and loves a long run in Forest Park. But don’t expect to find Berry hanging around town once the temperature rises; this sun lover, her husband and two kids prefer to head southwest for weekend getaways at the Lake of the Ozarks.

“Come warm weather, my weekends are not here — they’re there,” she smiles.

Read the official announcement regarding Alison Berry's promotion to partner here.