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HLK Announces Partnership with Concordance Academy of Leadership

May 12, 2015

HLK announces its partnership with the just-launched Concordance Academy of Leadership and the Concordance Institute for Advancing Social Justice.

The sister organizations, led by former Wells Fargo Advisors chief executive Danny Ludeman and the Brown School’s Dr. Carrie Pettus-Davis, will work in tandem to prepare justice-involved adults for re-entry and reduce reincarceration rates. Pettus-Davis and Ludeman launched the ambitious initiative April 29 at the Missouri History Museum, a particularly appropriate setting for what Ludeman called a historic moment.

“The Concordance Academy and the Concordance Institute represent the very first public, private, academic partnership of its kind,” he said. “Our goal is to dramatically lower incarceration rates which have plagued this country for decades. The time has come to address this devastating problem, which literally affects about 100 million Americans if you count all those involved in the justice system and their families.”

Pettus-Davis echoed his sentiments as she spoke about the objectives of the Concordance Institute:

“Research shows that incarceration of a loved one can send a family into unrelenting poverty. [...] Given what we know about the wide and dramatic reach of incarceration, it would be socially and morally inept to ignore the need for our communities to pool substantial resources to address reincarceration.”

Ludeman will serve as president and CEO of the Concordance Academy, which will offer comprehensive services such as education and job readiness, employment, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, cognitive and life skills education, housing, life in the community, and care coordination.

The Concordance Institute will be staffed by the Brown School, with Dr. Pettus-Davis serving as Executive Director. The Institute will focus on utilizing the data obtained by the Academy’s work to accelerate the feedback loop of research, practice and public policy.

Concordance Academy will take on its first class of clients this December, expanding upon the treatment services of Project COPE, the organization that has been addressing issues facing the prisoner population in the St. Louis area since 1985.

This critical work has already gained traction among the local media, with profiles by the Riverfront Times, St. Louis Business Journal, the St. Louis American and CBS.

HLK is honored to represent the Concordance Academy of Leadership. Learn more at concordanceacademy.org.