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HLK and On the Run Start This Baseball Season With a Homerun

April 16, 2015

Hot Dogs. Nachos. And 50¢ drinks on days after the Cards score 6. That’s how we know it’s officially baseball season around here. HLK’s chief creative officer and partner, Joe Leahy, joined Fox 2 News to talk about our newest campaign concept for On the Run and the Cardinals.

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After six years with Ed and Dustin and their hilarious take on ‘6 is a Serious Number,’ we decided was time for a curveball. But the fact remains; six is still a very serious number. It means 50¢ drinks – including coffee, fountain drinks and slushies.

Our challenge was how to approach the same deal, but in a fresh way. That’s when we started thinking about what else you could get for 50¢. The answer? Not much.

This year, we created four new 15-second segments to prove just how easy it is to feel like a champion. The lawn may be overgrown, the dog looks mangy and your client has no pectoral muscles to speak of, but the Cards scored 6 runs yesterday.

So go ahead, treat yourself. You earned it!