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HLK + Rebuilding Together – St. Louis Reveal New Website Design

March 24, 2015

Since 1992, local nonprofit Rebuilding Together – St. Louis has transformed St. Louis communities through the simple but stunning power of a little elbow grease. Together with its volunteers, Rebuilding Together – St. Louis has provided 2,800 low-income homeowners with critical repairs and restored public facilities across 50 neighborhoods.

To better share its story and encourage involvement, HLK collaborated with Rebuilding Together – St. Louis on a new website, spotlighting the St. Louisans whose lives have been most affected.

"It is crucial for an organization like Rebuilding Together – St. Louis to have a powerful website that clearly communicates their inspiring story to advance their mission," says partner Bill Hughes. "HLK and our employees are dedicated to helping organizations in our community, especially when we have the capability to utilize our own talents and expertise."

The site redesign features original photography, personal stories and a touching video documentary following one homeowner's journey as both his home and his pride are repaired after illness drained him of energy and resources. HLK developed the video and collaborated with John Fedele Studios and 90 Degrees West on production.

Associate Creative Director Ross Bradley says the 7-minute video, which was shot over the course of three days, encapsulates Rebuilding Together's community-minded mission and distinguishes it from other organizations. "'Rebuilding more than homes' became the inspiration for the site and the video," says Bradley. "The scene at the end when [homeowner Louis 'Matt' Higgins'] friends come over is legitimate. That's the first time he'd had people over in years. It was really special to be a part of."

A photo essay spotlighting another homeowner, Euple Clark, during Rebuilding Together's annual Day of Service completes the narrative. "We structured the site so the homepage tells the human side of Rebuilding's story, while driving visitors to donate or volunteer," Bradley says.

In the next phase of redesign, HLK plans to add an interactive calculator allowing visitors to see, in terms of a typical repair, how $1 donated can quickly become $4 in value reinvested in the community.

"Our website is a significant part of our efforts to inform and encourage new sponsors, donors and volunteers to participate with Rebuilding Together – St. Louis," said Dave Ervin, executive director of Rebuilding Together – St. Louis. "This video is especially telling in depicting exactly who our organization helps and what we stand for."