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3… 2… 1… Launch! Launchpad Session One Commences

May 31, 2018

Session one of Launchpad, HLK’s six-week immersive summer internship program, commenced last week and we are incredibly impressed by the young talent we have here. We set the bar high for our interns because this isn’t your typical internship — no coffee runners or professional note takers needed here. Launchpad is a hands-on, challenging, real-world experience. So far, we have assigned each one of the six talented young professionals a role in the agency (account manager, strategist, content manager, copywriter, art director and media strategist) and gave them a client project. A real one. (Sink or swim, right?) Our passionate mentors are coaching them along the way while they try their hand at the business, get a feel for agency life and experience HLK’s legendary culture.


Our six super-talented interns have one thing in common: they know that “good enough” is never good enough. They don’t raise problems without a solution. And we are so appreciative for their help.

Follow along with our interns on their blog at launchpad.hlkagency.com. In the meantime, take a few minutes to get to know them and their friendly faces. We asked the team a question: If you could have a super power what would it be? See their answers, in no particular order, below.

  • Teleportation
  • Teleportation
  • To read minds
  • To stop time, just so that way I could slow down life and be able to truly appreciate the things around me
  • Teleportation
  • Freeze water instantly (That’s a new one on us!)
Bo Mello

Account Manager

Baylor University, class of 2019

Launchpad Bo Mello
Haley Rost


University of Missouri-Columbia, class of 2019

Launchpad Haley
Josh Richter

Content Manager

University of Missouri-Columbia, class of 2020

Launchpad Josh Richter
Nick Hulsey


University of Missouri-Columbia, class of 2018

Launchpad Nick Hulsey
Julia Heumann

Art Director

University of Missouri-Columbia, class of 2018

Launchpad Julia Heumann
Elodie Hromockyj

Media Strategist

Truman State University, class of 2018

Launchpad Elodie Hromockyj