A Digital Footprint for a Global Brand



Giving a Global Brand the
Online Presence It Deserves

Cobb is a leader in research and development, production and sale of broiler breeding stock. The company’s dedication to constant innovation helps its customers supply healthier, more affordable protein to more and more people around the world.

Cobb came to HLK with a challenge. The industry knew Cobb was a leader, but the competition was out-communicating Cobb – especially in the digital space. So Cobb asked us to help them build a strategy to establish the Cobb brand as an industry leader in digital communication just as it already is in industry innovation.

Diving Head-First into Digital

To better understand the pain points, we conducted interviews and dove deep into research by talking to employees, customers and prospects. We kept hearing that while everyone knew Cobb is on the cutting edge of technology and product development in the industry, Cobb wasn’t saying it anywhere. At all.

HLK | Cobb

What’s more, Cobb employees felt like they were part of something big, but didn’t know exactly what that was.

After having honest conversations with internal and external audiences, we developed a digital strategy that tackled these issues head-on, starting with a major momentum-driver: Identify core messaging to unify the brand and Cobb employees and deliver year-round content that positions Cobb as a thought-leader within its industry.

HLK | Cobb
HLK | Cobb
HLK | Cobb
HLK | Cobb
HLK | Cobb

Bringing the Innovation Forward

We started with a redesigned website that serves as the destination for the advanced information that sets Cobb apart, organized it to push Cobb’s innovative thinking to the forefront, cleaned up the layout and made it responsive, so it’s easy to use on any device in any location.

HLK | CobbHLK | CobbHLK | CobbHLK | Cobb

Speaking Its Customers' Languages

To better reach Cobb’s international audience, we took the innovative Cobb domestic site and developed five microsites that translated the key components of the site into specifically tailored, culturally relevant content.

HLK | CobbHLK | Cobb
HLK | Cobb

Connecting to Folks in the Field

One of the main reasons customers visit the Cobb website is to access product and management guides. But the challenge was that many of their customers are not in the office when they need information. So, we deployed The Cobb Connection app that provides these guides in eight different languages, so Cobb customers can have the information they need, at their fingertips.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Simple and Intuitive Design

With this app, there’s no need for Cobb customers to dig deep to access the information they want. The product and management guides are available from the home screen, and the only setting they need to worry about is the language. On the tablet, too, everything they need is one tap away.

Global Understanding

To help growers and technicians all over the world understand and adhere to the same standards, the guides on the app are available in 8 different languages.

Custom Graphics

While the app is simple, the details are still important. Custom graphics gave some well-styled polish to this easy-to-use mobile experience.

Unify & Simplify: A New Intranet

The Cobb intranet was a central hub for employees to find job-related information and news, but it wasn’t as convenient as it could have been. We discovered employees had to dig for files and articles and they were missing out on important announcements. We redesigned the content architecture, provided better day-to-day functionality and focused on leadership content to make the intranet easier to use and more effective for the Cobb teams.

Employee Videos

So potential and current employees could understand Cobb’s culture and leadership, we produced videos from different parts of the organization. The employee videos allowed everyone at the company to unify around a core set of values displayed by leaders from around the globe.

Custom Widget Tiles

Custom widget tiles are pre-installed into the intranet. All widgets feature the pin icon in the top right, allowing it to be added to a user’s “Quick Links” page. Some widgets feature a full-page expand icon.

Smarter Social Conversations

HLK set up the face and voice of Cobb’s leadership and the app with a website, and an internal conversation with the intranet. But we wanted to talk to all of our audiences more broadly – our family, our community and our industry. HLK set up and optimized accounts for Cobb on Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn and Facebook to have those conversations and share our research. HLK develops and manages content for Cobb on an ongoing basis, engaging and growing social audiences with the latest technology, research and product information from Cobb.

A loud and clear voice
for a global brand.

So what do you get when you take a website, add in an app, put together a content strategy with a focus on conversations with your core audience?

You create the standard for an industry.

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