Putting a Human Touch
On the High-Tech

Pratt & Whitney


Aligning a Century-Old Company with the Future

After nearly 100 years in aerospace, Pratt & Whitney’s identity is ingrained. They know who they are, and so does the rest of the industry. But with aerospace manufacturers lining up to capture the benefits of big data for their customers, how could a company defined by dependability become synonymous with innovation? Pratt & Whitney’s answer: a new aftermarket service brand, EngineWise, that combines traditional maintenance techniques with advanced analytics to prevent — and ultimately eliminate — unscheduled maintenance.

“Our creative team devised a concept that distilled a complex offering down to the two single most important aspects of the product: the predictive power of engine analytics, and the hands-on human expertise of engineers, analysts, technicians, and others. We fused these two elements through bold, visually arresting creative and copy that cuts through the straightforward and expected approach of the competition.”

Ryan Doggendorf | Creative Director, HLK

Ryan Doggendorf | Creative Director, HLK

HLK | Pratt Whitney

Putting a Face on EngineWise

We’re all familiar with the phrase “man versus machine.” But we wondered: What would happen if we flipped that adage to “man and machine?” So we combined the best of what humankind has to offer — know-how, experience, intuition — with the best of machination — precision, accuracy, and efficiency.

The average Pratt & Whitney service technician has 25+ years of experience on the shop floor. So while their competitors focused on technology, we decided to share the spotlight with technicians (and analysts, engineers, and others.)

Launching the Brand on the Industry’s Biggest Stage

In the weeks leading up to MRO Americas — the biggest North American maintenance, repair and overhaul industry event of the year — we teased the arrival of a new Pratt & Whitney service platform across digital platforms by letting the visuals leave users wanting more. At launch, we revealed the “face” of EngineWise for the first time.


Establishing the Brand’s
Visual Identity

After we landed on a creative concept, we established a visual identity for the brand that built upon our unique visual approach within the market. These elements needed to work across digital and print materials, and included an exploration of the EngineWise word mark, as well as an adaptive template with futuristic typography, technical drawing-inspired design elements, and subtly textured backgrounds.

The EngineWise Experience

We launched EngineWise at MRO Americas, the aviation aftermarket industry’s biggest annual event. There, we reimagined the Pratt & Whitney booth to connect a virtual reality experience, real-time maintenance competition, and more with the hybrid benefits of engine intelligence and human expertise.


Getting Bodies to the Booth

A pre-event postcard gave us the opportunity to experiment with our mosaic approach, using the Orlando skyline as our silhouette.

Supporting Materials

How can you design swag that won’t get tossed on the way out? Make it practical. The eye-grabbing notebooks we designed include a compelling overview of the portfolio, without dominating every page.

Designing a Microsite With Maximum Impact

The energy of the EngineWise campaign compelled us to go outside of Pratt & Whitney’s existing web ecosystem and create a dedicated microsite.

We drove all media to a simple but fully responsive landing page that could also be adapted for international audiences. The site curated a quick dive into essential information about EngineWise, explaining product advantages in a simple, segmented way optimized for mobile users.

Pratt Whitney Enginewise HLK

“The EngineWise campaign is a striking example of how HLK can take a leading product or service in a conservative industry and develop a thought-provoking campaign. The campaign is the perfect balance of imagery and copy that both explains and intrigues.”

Eric Karlovic | Partner at HLK

Eric Karlovic | Partner at HLK



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