Aww Ew



Ignorance is bliss, but sometimes it’s also the start of a cold.

The back-to-school season is a big time for parents. It’s also a big time for germs. That’s why Germ-X approached HLK to engage its audience during the crucial back-to-school shopping season. The hand sanitizer brand had recently developed limited-time bottle designs that asked the question, “What Did You Just Touch?” Our goal was clear—get parents to consider all the unknown times their kids come into contact with germs.

HLK | Germ-x

What to do?

During back-to-school, parents are bombarded with marketing messages. Unfortunately, Germ-X didn’t have the media or production dollars to compete in the mass market. To increase exposure, we suggested focusing on their only existing channel of reaching their audience, Facebook.

Every parent has times when they think their kids are precious. Germ-X wanted to show moms what they don’t always see.

A Fresh Look At Video

However, many brands target parents in the social space. To get Germ-X’s message through, the campaign would have to present a fresh take and engaging content. Inspired by the back-to-school bottles, we utilized the looping format of Vine in a new way.

HLK | Germ-x

The Campaign

In a campaign titled “Aww Ew” we split the six-second format in half. Set at a backyard children’s party, each video opens with a moment that would make any parent smile. The audience is then taken back in time to show what transpired a few minutes before, transforming that sweet moment into a hilarious lesson on why every parent should have a bottle of Germ-X handy.


The campaign rolled out on Facebook. Vine videos, Facebook posts, “Like” ads and a custom Facebook tab increased Germ-X’s brand awareness while continuing to build its Facebook following. The story resonated with parents as Germ-X saw immediate demand for their products during the back-to-school shopping season:

The real measure of success was empty shelves. By the time the campaign ended, Germ-X had completely sold out of the limited-time bottles.

HLK | germ-x