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HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital


All about kids

Historically, HSHS St. John’s Hospital was perceived as a “family hospital” with services catering specifically to women and children. And even though many knew it was home to an award-winning NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), it had difficulty being seen as a full-service children’s hospital.

To explain this perception gap, we facilitated a comprehensive working session with top hospital stakeholders to dissect the unique customer journey and psychology that existed when seeking care for their children, as opposed to themselves.

They work hard to provide for their children and keep them safe. The last thing they need when their child is hurt or ill is uncertainty on where to take them. We wanted to give these hardworking parents direction and clarity on an answer right in their own backyard by leveraging our new understanding of their mindset to evolve the hospital’s positioning.

We created a childlike twist on their mainline campaign telling the residents of Springfield and the surrounding area that when it comes to the most important thing in their lives — their children — there is a place that understands it’s all about kids.


Kids are different from adults, which means they need to be treated differently.

“The process was smart and intentional. The campaign clearly connected to our larger HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital strategy. ‘All About Kids’ — a simple but powerful idea that illustrates our major differentiator and encapsulates our reason for being.”

Christopher S. Campbell | Division Vice President & Strategy Officer, HSHS Central Illinois Division

Christopher S. Campbell | Division Vice President & Strategy Officer, HSHS Central Illinois Division

A new campaign is the ideal time to launch a new logo.

We began by reimagining their old logo, taking into account new health systemwide brand standards and the need to reinforce both “children’s” and “hospital.” The result was a bold and playful logo with font reminiscent of a child’s handwriting, which clearly communicated HSHS St. John’s was indeed a children’s hospital.

Drag the slider to transform the logo.

Kids are not adults

Caring for kids requires specialized knowledge and a special touch. We wanted to demonstrate that reality by showcasing ways that kids are, in fact, different from adults. Some were factual (a child’s knee is not even fully developed until the age of 15) and some were slightly less than factual (children are wigglier!).

We drew a clear, distinct line from the idea that kids are different from adults to the understanding their bumps, bruises, scrapes, cuts and diseases need be treated differently than adults. And that’s how HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital operates — after all, in here we’re all about kids.

Kids being kids

To create a series of fifteen-second videos to be featured on Facebook and Instagram, we spent weeks selecting the perfect (and most adorable) facts to highlight the unique world that kids live in. We then cast the perfect gallery of chubby-cheeked, sticky-fingered children to bring these facts to life in a way only the genuine giggles from a two-year-old can. Having that many little ones running around a video set for two days certainly proved our original hypothesis correct — kids are different from adults!

Shining a Light

The idea of using a night light as a symbol that HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital is committed to providing around-the-clock care, and expertise proved so potent that HSHS ended up ordering hundreds of night lights (adorned with the new logo) to hand out to patients and their families.

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