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U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA)


Food for Thought

The Origin and Impact of What We Eat

The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) represents organizations across virtually every aspect of agriculture, and it’s their mission to engage and educate consumers about how today’s food is produced.

The new website we designed to house their vast materials needed to engage all types of consumers, from activists looking for answers to specific questions, to more casual fact-finders eager to gain a better understanding of where the food on their family’s table comes from.

Dinnertime Decision-Makers

As we began researching USFRA’s target audience, a key insight emerged: Women are not only the primary shoppers and decision-makers when it comes to food, they’re also more skeptical than men across food issues. Women sought to understand the process of food production: how their food is grown, raised, farmed, treated, and processed — and how that affects consumers, animals, and the environment.

The Challenge

Visitors of USFRA’s previous site spent very little time on-site. They had to know exactly what they were looking for to really benefit from the site’s resources, and there was minimal point of entry for the casual researcher.

We had to design and build a virtual library that people wanted to visit, could easily explore, and felt compelled to linger in — all with a preexisting selection of materials.


Final Execution

Information Architecture: Designing a Virtual Library

We structured the site to allow each visitor to follow their own self-led narrative. With a broad navigation, smart search field, and dynamic tiles organized by topic — and with extensive cross-referencing on the back end — the site is designed to spark curiosity. Creating this exploratory experience leads the audience deeper into the content, as each article recommends another.


Establishing an Architectural Style

Inspired by magazine-style typography and layout, bold, whimsical headlines complement a clean, simple font that was chosen for long-form legibility. The overall layout follows a grid system to support our modern, minimalistic approach. Beautiful food photography is paired with each article to support the narrative throughout.


Search Made Smarter

Our dynamic search tool sparks dialogue by encouraging visitors to search for answers, rather than for keywords.

Learning to Speak the Language

Our interactive definition tool allows visitors to define unfamiliar terms without having to exit the article or experience.

“The new FoodDialogues.com welcomes everyday consumers into the world of agriculture in a way that isn’t scary or overwhelming. Rooted in shared values and audience insights, the website brings two worlds together in a way that is beautifully transparent.”

Erin Knitter | Director of Strategy, HLK

Erin Knitter | Director of Strategy, HLK

Delivering an Interactive Content Hub and a More Informed Consumer

FoodDialogues.com relaunched as an expansive yet accessible content hub for people eager to educate themselves about today’s food production. Whether by searching for specific answers, browsing by topic, or using the top-line navigation, we helped USFRA make it easy for consumers to understand modern agriculture — from the ground up.

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