A new perspective for
prospective students.

Webster University


World. Class.

With an international campus network spanning four continents and eight countries, Webster University, tucked away in Webster Groves, Missouri, is exponentially more connected than it appears.

Their international network allows them to offer students something no other university does — a truly global perspective.

The early bird gets the student.

The decision to go to grad school is an extremely involved one, not unlike buying a home or vehicle. And it’s a long conversation between student and school before they make a decision. So starting this long conversation early on using the microsite we built would be crucial to successfully enrolling new students.

Prospective students are careful; they want to know everything there is to know about what they’re getting themselves into. Our target — grad students — are an even more selective group. These people already have jobs and degrees, so they aren’t in any hurry. That’s why we decided to start the conversation early on, because being available to them early on during their long decision process was key to this campaign’s success.

Look out, world.

Despite its worldwide presence, Webster competes with forms of education that didn’t exist when the university was founded a century ago. Competition from open-source learning, for-profit institutions and online universities were markedly decreasing Webster’s graduate program enrollment.

And while the university had more to offer than these trendy educational outlets, prospective students weren’t seeing it. To curb the downward trend, we knew we needed to help students remember the true purpose of getting an education and experience why Webster is uniquely qualified to deliver it.

Global site, local data.

On Webster’s previous site, a prospective student had to dig for the information they needed most. And if someone submitted an inquiry to Webster, its system wasn’t designed to furnish a quick response.

So we built a global site with localized data, perfectly suiting this global university with a local mission.

We created a custom site for Webster’s graduate recruitment efforts so we could start the conversation with a prospective student early on, while they’re still in the discovery phase. And to condense all the otherworldly benefits of a global education to a digestible size, we distilled and rewrote over 150 pages of content into a bite-size, easy-to-read format.

Campaign Photography

Smile for the camera.

The entire site was designed around the idea of custom photography, so a lot hinged on how the photos turned out. We had a photo shoot where we shifted the primary focus from Webster to each student’s career aspirations. We wanted to show the result all students come here looking for: a better job. By showing people in that moment where they’re truly proud of the job their education unlocked for them, the hero shots cut straight to the point. Because after all, a degree is only as valuable as the job it helps you get.

We made this just for you.

Nobody wants to spend time digging for information. So creating a site that’s responsive to every viewer’s information made it easier to customize each experience to his or her liking. And our global site, local data strategy is very effective. Each page includes modules that take a deeper dive into the conversation, with the topic varying based on where they are. And this highly detailed, customized architecture hosts a high number of variations based on who’s viewing, so it always feels like it was made just for you because, in fact, it was.

Survey says…

Data also played a big role in shaping our decisions as the campaign evolved. To keep up with the abundant data points available, we had to install sophisticated backend analytics so they could integrate the data with their enrollment management system.

After it gave us a sizeable output of data points, our challenge was to sift through this massive amount of usage data and determine what the measured behaviors meant. Then, we applied those lessons to our campaign.

Wave to Webster on your way to work.

When you’re talking to working professionals on their way to work, you won’t want to waste anyone’s time. That’s why we created bold, to-the-point outdoor boards that speak with a knowledgeable, no-nonsense tone to likeminded people who just might be considering investing in a graduate degree.

All together now.

The collaboration between client, creative, strategy and development early on was fundamental to pulling this off. Our client and their team contributed a huge amount of intellectual capital, which made it possible to map out every piece of the puzzle and execute at a high level. We created multiple versions of user flows and wireframes; we then built them and often, reconfigured them based on live feedback from our team. The result was a very deliberately and effectively designed 360-degree experience that did exactly what we set out to make it do: start your grad school conversation.

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