On a Mission for Better

Millions of people in America are uninsured, underinsured or just feel excluded from having great healthcare. Young people in particular are apathetic towards health insurance and skeptical of having their needs met. The system is broken. How can Ambetter reach them, and connect with them in an authentic way that might help turn that tide and get more people to sign up for health insurance through the state health insurance marketplaces?
We developed a media plan that wasn't traditional or expected. We didn't just flood the world with ads. We went further and got involved in the places where young people are. Streaming video on Hulu, Tik Tok and Twitch. Streaming audio on Pandora and SiriusXM. But we participated there. With sponsored Twitch streams on topics like mental health and bringing in a respected mental health advocate to participate . Or collaborations with content creators on Tik Tok advocating for healthier living. Trying to make it easier and to turn apathy into action. We generated more interest, more engagement and enrolled more new members than ever before.

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