Connecting with customers

After meeting with key stakeholders and conducting in-depth focus groups, we realized that the two times customers were most likely to think of Ameren Illinois were negative instances: when receiving their monthly bill and during an interruption in their electric service. However, when the conversation shifted to the company's co-workers and solutions, the perception quickly changed. The majority of customers look at linemen who fix power lines during a storm much the same way they looked at first responders. Friendly, helpful and even a bit heroic.

Elevating the people of Ameren

Turning our focus to the humble, hardworking nature of Ameren’s employees provided the strategic foundation for the Energy at Work campaign. More than just a tagline, Energy at Work served as an internal rallying cry and an invitation for customers to get to know the people working 24/7 on their behalf.
With tangible, easy-to-understand proof points and action-oriented visuals, the campaign came to life via a fully integrated campaign that included local television, outdoor, as well as targeted digital and social via platforms like Next Door. Top-funnel ads featured real lineman delivering relevant messages in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner, while targeted digital buys allowed us to tailor the message locally and seasonally to offers that were relevant to our specific target audiences.

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