Challenging the Status Quo

In a stagnant category dominated by two behemoth seed brands that outspend Channel 6 to 1, the brand would have to challenge the status quo. The Channel brand's focus on service and support resonated with current customers, but primary qualitative research unearthed that the message wasn't resonating with prospects. This audience works long hours, shoulders immense risk and operates on razor thin margins — and yet, they persist. As the world changes, agriculture only becomes more difficult. They don't want to be sold to, they want to be supported. They don't need marketing or messaging, but they need knowledge and help when it matters most. In a category where all the big brands said and showed the same thing for decades, this next generation farmer was hungry for something not only different, but actually useful.

Channel advertising stops selling and starts delivering what farmers need: real, actionable advice. To provide true value to farmers, Channel stripped out any fluff or excess, turning ad space into advice space.

We mapped the customer pain points throughout the seasons and identified areas where Channel could provide actionable advice and real value to farmers. Media channels and spend allocations were developed in conjunction with Marketing Mix Model (MMM) data and agency insights on where the target audience engaged the most. While we used an integrated media mix, we minimized pure brand ads and replaced them with helpful advice in order to follow the campaign idea that actions speak louder than words:

TV spots were supplemented with 2-minute segments that aired during farm shows and felt more like editorial than advertising.

Radio became interviews instead of ads and regional reports from a local representative with timely advice.

Print, important for a farmer audience, paired a brand message with an advertorial full of tips.

Digital display took users to articles on topics they were searching for.

Paid social promoted local advice from the field.

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