Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss — Sometimes it’s Just Gross

Every parent wants to believe they are equipped to protect their kids from gross germs. But sometimes, they’re not always aware of what their kids come in contact with. As the new school season approached, so did the promise of a whole host of germy situations. During such a busy time of year, we were tasked with breaking through the back-to-school clutter and getting parents to see things from a new perspective, all on a limited budget.

From hidden horrors to heightened awareness.

We took to Facebook with a series of six-second videos, encouraging parents to consider all of the unknowns their kids come into contact with on a daily basis. At the same time, limited-run bottles — that posed the question, “What did you just touch?” — targeted parents in a timely location: the shelves of their back-to-school shopping.
By the time the campaign ended, Germ-X had completely sold out of the limited-time bottles.

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