Solutions Meant for You

As part of an acquisition, J.R. Simplot Company — one of the largest privately held food and agribusiness companies in the nation — inherited the Innvictis brand. J.R. Simplot needed to drive awareness and generate excitement about this new brand with its SGS Crop Advisors in new regions across the country.
Our research revealed both Crop Advisors and their growers wanted products to suit their unique needs and particular region because what works for one field doesn’t always work for another. HLK created a regional event road show with strategic positioning, “Solutions Meant for You,” to demonstrate that Innvictis understands that every grower has a unique challenge on their farm.

Each of the four events featured a 360-degree activation footprint featuring four large, climate-controlled tents connected by curved walking paths. Each tent was a single stop in their Innvictis training journey that established a new relationship with an established brand.