Arch City Defenders

Arch City Defenders

Arch City Defenders

ArchCity Defenders is a regional holistic legal advocacy organization that combats the criminalization of poverty, especially in communities of color.


Drive Awareness

ArchCity Defenders is doing incredibly important work, but its impact is stifled because most people in the greater St. Louis area are unaware of the work ArchCity Defenders is doing — or even that the work needs to be done. Its inspirational mission deserved an equally provocative idea — one that questions the very foundation of our country and shows how it often falls short.

Our goal was to grab the attention of socially conscious St. Louisans who would be sympathetic to the cause once they were made aware of, or were reminded of, the realities and truths people of color face every day.

Why we love it

Bold, thought-provoking and simple, this award-winning campaign increased awareness of ArchCity Defenders’ mission, boosted site traffic, and grew donations by opening eyes to social and economic inequities.

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From Unaware to Advocate

We not only needed to bring to life the organization’s story in a way that was powerful enough to grab people’s attention — yet simple enough for them to understand — but we also needed to expose people to a problem that’s likely not on their radar.

Research revealed many St. Louisans have a disconnect between what they believe is possible and reality. The idea of the American dream is hardwired into our DNA. Most people, especially the privileged, aren’t aware that not only is the playing field not level but the game is also actively rigged against poor communities of color.

We targeted the general population of the St. Louis metropolitan area who, based on their values and beliefs, would be receptive to our message. 

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Integrated Breakthrough

Because we couldn’t rely solely on paid media, our work had to shout. Utilizing an integrated media mix, we exposed the uncomfortable truths behind American ideals. Campaign elements included: social, OOH, a beer collaboration with Earthbound Beer, social influencers and earned media.  

HLK raised awareness and engagement with ArchCity Defenders as well as increased donations and site traffic. Additionally, ArchCity Defenders garnered its highest-performing organic social content ever with the campaign.

  • 3.74M


    in earned media coverage

  • 89%


    increase in website traffic