We build brands powered by people. Because it’s people — us, our clients and our customers — who shape a brand’s identity, amplify its triumphs and inspire its next move. So, we obsess over our people who are constantly listening to all the ways brands are being considered, challenged and celebrated.

We build brands that are in constant motion. Brands on a never-ending mission to connect with us, surprise us and change behavior. Brands that use strategy and insight to empower us to act or move us to reconsider. Where do you want your brand to go next? Let’s make moves.


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Great people are our greatest asset, and great people can be found anywhere. Our remote workforce model allows us to work without boundaries, expand the creative environment, and collect top talent from around the country. We’ve set out to master the distributed workforce.

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Our mission: Provide and support an environment where passionate problem solvers can thrive every day.

Be Curious

Seek out the right problem to solve. Explore endlessly and embrace criticism. Dig deeper and dream bigger.

Be Thoughtful

Do everything — design, strategize, project manage, analyze, deliver — with a sense of humanity. Stay positive, support one another, and act with empathy.

Be Brave

Take calculated risks — big and small. Push the work. Push yourself and move forward fearlessly.

We value all people and reject racism, discrimination, harassment, and hate.

We believe great ideas can come from anyone, which is why we strive for everyone to feel respected, valued, and empowered to bring their voice, perspective, experiences, creativity, and whole selves to their work and lives.

Our culture thrives on diversity of thought that allows each of us to be heard in order to deliver our best work, powered by our greatest asset: our people.

Independent +

HLK is 100% privately held and owned by seven partners. They’re far from figureheads. They’re active contributors to the work, combining a breadth of backgrounds, strengths and passions to keep our people, clients and culture moving forward.

Eric Karlovic

Eric Karlovic

Partner, CEO

Alison Berry

Alison Berry

Partner, COO

Joe Leahy

Joe Leahy

Partner, Co-CCO

Ben Bocklage

Ben Bocklage

Partner, CSO

Shelby Georgis

Shelby Georgis

Partner, Co-CCO

Emily Kircher

Emily Kircher

Partner, CMO

Brad Overby

Brad Overby

Partner, CFO

Client Logos
Client Logos

The Work

Moving our brands so that they can better move the people who matter most.

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Share the Spark materials

From unused funds

to sparking a change in wildfire prevention

In 2022, wildfires burned 7,534,403 acres in the United States. Envu Range & Pasture aimed to change that with a grant writing program and campaign called Share the Spark Project, which drove action and is continuing to inspire. 

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Seedsman Ignite banner

From uncertainty

to sparking confidence in the sales team with some extra horsepower

For the first time, the Channel® brand sales team would be together and needed to unite around the coming change of brand consolidation. This internal event would rally them for the next phase of growth, sending them “off to the races.”

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From individual brands

To a connected portfolio with technology-driven, personalized experiences

We designed and built a flexible solution that allowed for consistent governance and maintenance across a portfolio of 30+ web properties while providing flexibility in the authoring experience to let each brand shine.

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Envu Golf work

From unknown

to behavior-changing innovation

Golf course superintendents need to prevent unseen threats before they take hold, but they aren’t looking below the surface and putting root health first. The Resilia™ root health solution launch changed everything.

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