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With the launch of Resilia™ root health solution, Envu is asking golf course superintendents to look below ground at their roots instead of the plant above ground.


Launch a Product. Change Behavior.

The Envu Golf team realized some of the most problematic threats to a golf course’s playability, plant health and natural beauty actually begin underground. Root diseases are a frustrating reality, but their invisibility makes them seemingly impossible to prevent — until now.

In February 2023, Envu introduced a new product, Resilia™ root health solution, that preventatively safeguards roots from soilborne pathogens. Our goal was to help golf course superintendents turn the way they think about root health upside down so they could fully grasp the power of Resilia root health solution.

Why we love it

This campaign came to life across educational content, a teaser campaign and a launch activation at the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) Conference and Trade Show. 

Resilia work collage Resilia work collage


From Reactive to Proactive

Golf course superintendents know that healthy turf starts with healthy roots. But when you can’t see what lies beneath the surface, you implement a maintenance strategy centered around treatment, not prevention. 

To change behavior, we knew we needed to not only speak to golf course superintendents directly but also with other key decision influencers: area sales managers, distributor sales representatives and golf course industry media. We needed to create educational content that showed the importance of below-ground focus. 

Resilia print ad
Resilia social media Resilia social media

Campaign Idea

Get the Industry Talking

The launch campaign was designed to raise awareness of Resilia root health solution and challenge golf course superintendents to turn the way they think about root health upside down. Strategically launched at the largest and most influential trade show in the industry — GCSAA Conference and Trade Show — the campaign made a bold debut. 

The campaign leveraged collaborations with industry publications, speaking engagements and post-show communications to maximize impact and editorial coverage, spotlighting Envu innovation in golf course management.  

Resilia tweet


Root Revolution

The Resilia root health solution campaign saw continuously rising awareness and consideration among golf course superintendents, from introduction to commercial launch and beyond. Educational content was hugely successful in priming the audience for launch across articles and video content.

  • 86,000


    earned media impressions throughout the year

  • 157%


    increase in website engagement

  • 64,000


    video views with a view rate of 67.4%