Share the Spark

Share the Spark

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In 2022, wildfires burned 7,534,403 acres in the United States. Envu Range & Pasture aimed to change that with a grant writing program and campaign to inspire action.


Unsparked Opportunity

Envu is already a critical part of wildfire prevention in that it has an herbicide that specifically targets weeds, like cheatgrass, that help wildfires to catch and grow. But we wanted to do more.

Grants are available to help county weed directors and ranchers fund the product, and yet they weren’t being taken advantage of. The problem? Few people know about these grants. And the application process can be complicated.

Why we love it

Wildfires in the West have historically happened every 80 years. Now, it’s one every five years in any given habitat. Taking action right now is critical, and this campaign inspires a needed change.

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Creative Idea

Sparking a Change That Can Reduce Wildfire Risk

This PSA-style campaign connected county weed directors and their ranchers to federal and local grants, even offering advice on the grant process. Our central message through Share the Spark Project was that weed directors could spark change in their communities by applying for grants to stop wildfires.

The project was anchored with an online repository of grant application information and upcoming grant opportunities. A 360° campaign and user journey guided and encouraged our audience.

A spark can start a wildfire or lasting change
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Leaving an Impression

Our goal in the first year was to generate awareness and newsletter sign-ups. It generated 10.4 million impressions and had record-breaking website traffic. Our launch videos received 1.3 million views, and Envu saw an increase in year one newsletter subscribers and above industry average click rates on emails.

  • 10.4


    million site impressions

  • 3.8


    times higher than average homepage time

  • +15%


    increase in subscriber rate