A global company with 50 years of experience needed a new name and vision.


Create a Brand. Launch a Vision.

Envu was a new brand built on the foundation of Bayer Environmental Science — but with a new name and vision that had not been defined and declared.

Immediately on launch, Envu became the category leader with zero brand equity. The name and identity needed to work globally and across many diverse business segments with diverse customer bases. And our brand campaign needed to tell the story of this new company in a way that connected across all of those groups. We needed to tell the story of how Envu had a complete focus on the future of our environments. 

Why we love it

This award-winning campaign told the story of HLK’s newly created name and identity Envu. It brought a bigger vision to the industry than had ever been seen before and resonated across the globe to make the brand known.

Campaign Idea

Be a Force With Nature

We wanted our brand idea to break through the category, give greater context to the work we were doing, and increase awareness and credibility for the brand.
By identifying the opportunity to claim our role as the environmental future company, we communicated our vision for the future across all of our business segments — one where we see how to serve our partners and ultimately ensure our world’s greatest works of society and nature will flourish. Together, we could Be a Force With Nature and create a future where everyone could thrive.

Nature is a force. Society is a force. On their own, these forces can be unstable, unpredictable and even destructive to each other at times. But now, these forces are overlapping in ways they never have before. At Envu, we find a way to fuse the power of both and push each other to be better in order to provide both with a better tomorrow.

Envu print ad.
Envu video screenshot. Envu using app in field


From Unknown to Leader

The brand started from 0% awareness as a launch of an entirely new brand. The launch of the identity and brand platform has allowed Envu to define itself for the world and set the stage for continued brand growth. Early rounds of brand health proved the idea was working and will continue to unite the organization.

  • 54%


    awareness (from 0%)

  • 34%


    increase in consideration

  • 74%


    had a positive or favorable opinion of the brand